Help | Onboarding

Invite new users

To invite a new user you need to access Settings (cogwheel icon) > Users from header menu. You will complete all user relevant information in a simple wizard.


The new user will receive a message with instructions to register into the application.


The new user will complete the registration form and after that will be able to access the account.

Users roles

To configure the application permissions/ roles you need to access Settings (cogwheel icon) > Invitations > Invite user or Settings > Users > Edit user for the existing ones.


The available roles are:

  • Admin **Full access. The only user that can manage users, security and application billing.

  • Employee* Access in Timesheet section to activities & vacantions. For managerial positions access to team activities & vacantions.

  • Project Manager**Access in Project section to all projects, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, and Revenues & Expenses section to all entries.

  • Human Resoruces**Access in Organization section for all employees information.

  • Accountant**Access in Revenues & Expenses section to all entries.

* The standard role for an employee is “Employee”. This role is implicit and the user has access to his own Timesheet. If the employee is a manager and has subordinates he will be able to see its own team activities in Timesheet.

** Sensitive information (financial data or employees salaries/ rate cards).

Enroll users as employees

To enroll users as employees you need to access Human resources > Organization > Pending employees.

For an employee you can complete some relevant information like:

  • Hire date;

  • End date;

  • Employee type;

  • Entity;

  • Employee position (if there is no position available, a new position can be created);

  • Team (is there is no team available, a new team can be created);

  • Daily working hours;

  • Annual vacations;

  • Sallary or a rate card.